I made the English info on the upcoming play.
If you are in Japan or come to Japan, please come to watch it.

Info on an upcoming14th production by SKY SOARTψWINGS
Title「海岸線にみる光 See Shine in the Sea Line」

It is human drama. A patient, who was diagnosed with cancer and whose life would last only for a year,
hoped to know “the meaning of her own life”.
An ex-movie director accepted her offer that he “cut out her heart”.
The drama takes place on the shore in Cape Muroto, Kochi prefecture in South-East Japan.

The hub of this drama is a family relationship.
The client and the ex-movie director had had discord between them and their children.
Through the resolution, the discovery of “the meaning of the life was unfolded

All the themes of the play can be found anywhere in our life,
such as a family relationship, someone’s death, the meaning of life, a solicitude, and longing for love.

I can have an opportunity to think about “death” which seems far from my life.
It may be true that someone’s life who faces his or her own death can starts shining.
It may be just my wish, but I do mean it.

If you want the ticket,
you can make a contact with me on FB or by Email directly.
Or you can buy it on the company’s HP


I will keep your ticket on the ticket counter on the day.

As the date and time of the performance you see have to be fixed,
please check the following timetable and buy the ticket.
Just let me know which performance you come to see and how many tickets you need.

Thu, 2nd Nov PM7:00
Fri, 3rd Nov PM1:00&6:30
Sta, 4th Nov PM1:00&6:30
Sun, 5th Nov PM1:00&6:00

Space EDGE
※it is a gallery and you can walk from Shibuya or     Daikanyama sta

※Our website shows the way to the gallery, too.

Advance ticket 3000 yen
Walk-up ticket 3500 yen

※If you let us know when you will come, we will keep the ticket in the advance price.